Demonstration Handouts




 February 2009  Phil Brooks  Shop Safety   PDF        MS PowerPoint
 April 2009  Bonnie Klein  Threaded Boxes, Spin Tops, Chatterwork
 June 2009  Alain Mailland  Turning Flowers
 August 2008  Don McCloskey   Open Segmented Turning
 September 2009  Clint Stevens  Sphere emerging From a Cube Illusion Box
 October 2009  Dan Carter  MDF Rose Engine:  Plans   Drawings
 October 2009  Stephen Hatcher  Inlay Design and Tips
 October 2009  Stephen Hatcher  Inlay Tips
 October 2009  Stephen Hatcher  Stone Inlaid Woodturning Suppliers
 October 2009  Stephen Hatcher  Mineral Inlay Formulas
 October 2009  Stephen Hatcher  Minerals for Inlay
 March 2010  Al Miotke  Segmented Tips
 April 2010  Alan Carter Thin Stem Goblets
 September 2010  Clint Stevens  Eccentric Box
 February 2011  Dale Larson  Cutting Trees for Figure
 April 2011  Alan Carter  Split Bowl Vessel   PDF   MS Word
 June 2011  Phil Brooks  Turning Wine Stoppers
 August 2011  Don McCloskey  Open Segment Turning
 January 2012  Marty Knapp   Leather Lacing
 February 2012  Andy Kuby  Galatic Arm Spirals - Scobie Platter
 November 2012   Lars Stole  What is a Synchronized Strobe
 January 2012  Phil Brooks  Designing a Vacuum Chuck
 August 2012  Clint Stevens  Centrifigal Force
 August 2012  Clint Stevens  Wall Plaques
 May 2014  Lars Stole  Deep Hollowing
 November 2014  Nick Cook  Mystery Salt Urn   MS Word   PDF
 November 2014  Kurt Herzog  Hertzog Ornament Article.pdf
 February 2015  Don McCloskey  Celtic Knot
 April 2017  Andy Kuby  Threading 101


History of CWT

CWT members dontated more than 1600 pens to the "Pens For Troops" project. The pens were donated by 30 members and 20 sponsers.

Members also donate generously to the Empty Bowls project at Oakton College.