Demonstration Handouts


April 11, 2017 Threading Demo by Andy Kuby

Thread Chasing 101

Baxter Threading Jig Slideshow, (File will download)

Cutting Threads in Wood

Fred Holder Article: Chasing Threads in Wood

Kurt Herzog Article: What You Need to Know About Threrading in Wood

Making Threaded Wood Chucks

Sam Angelo: Thread Chasing, Woodturning Design Article

Threading in Wood

Duane Hill Article: Three Ways of Threading Wood

Turning a Threaded Lid For a Box


History of CWT

CWT members dontated more than 1600 pens to the "Pens For Troops" project. The pens were donated by 30 members and 20 sponsers.

Members also donate generously to the Empty Bowls project at Oakton College.